As a previous seven-time winner and 2018 top 20 contender of the World’s Most Livable City, Melbourne continues to prove that it’s a place to be reckoned with.

But what makes this East Coast city rank so highly in Mercer’s Quality of Living Ranking report? We have a few ideas…..

1. An incredible itinerary of things to do

When visiting a city for the first time, you don’t want to be scrambling around for things to do each day – you want to be spoilt for choice when deciding how to fill your time.

As a city brimming with fantastic things to do and must-see attractions, you won’t have to worry about boredom. Instead, you’ll be wishing for an extended holiday when visiting Melbourne!

No matter what you’re into, there’s something for everyone:

  • Art: Melbourne is recognised worldwide for its vibrant art scene – both indoors and outdoors. Inside, head to The National Gallery of Victoria – Australia’s oldest and most visited gallery, home to original paintings by some of the world’s most celebrated artists including Rembrandt and Picasso. Outside, meander through the city’s intertwining laneways, marvelling at the expansive spray-paint images and colourful murals.
  • Music: Whether you prefer old rock ‘n roll classics or discovering under-the-radar bands, your music taste is in for a treat when visiting Melbourne. From the smaller more intimate Ding Dong Lounge, to the larger Rod Laver Arena, there’s always an opportunity to catch an incredible act.
  • Sport: As no stranger to the podium for Sports Capital of the World (most recent win in 2016), Melbourne is a haven for action and adrenaline. Head to Melbourne Cricket Ground to catch the boys in white and a world-famous Aussie Rules game, or catch a tennis match during the Australian Tennis Open.

2. A dining scene like no other

Prepare to loosen those belt notches a little when visiting Melbourne, as this city won’t be letting you leave hungry. Here are some of our favourite foodie stop-offs:

  • Skipping Girl Takeaway – At this Abbortsford’s eatery, the focus is on one thing and one thing only: burgers. Although small in size, Skipping Girl Takeaway is full of charm and character – and has a condiment stand of 60! They don’t frequent the city’s best burgers lists for nothing…
  • Florentino – Pipped as one of the city’s most luxurious Italian restaurants, Florentino is the perfect ‘special occasion’ dining destination, famed for their grilled Tuscan delights.
  • Black Gold est . 2016 – In hipster-central Richmond you’ll find Black Gold – a brunch venue with one of the most innovative and incredible menus in the city. Nutella crepe sushi anyone?

3. The world-famous coffee scene

Often tipped as the coffee capital of the world, you can’t come to Melbourne and not immerse yourself in this thriving cafe scene. The locals themselves are undisputed coffee connoisseurs, but who can blame them when the city’s suburbs are brimming with hole-in-the wall hot-spots and calming cafes? For a caffeine experience like no other, be sure to visit Market Lane Coffee in the Queen Victoria Market. These boys and girls are passionate about crafting exquisite brews, and the apparatus they use to do so makes for a theatrical experience in itself.


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