Whether you do meat-free Monday now and again or you’ve ditched all animal products for good, being a vegan while in Sydney has never tasted so good.

Here are three of Sydney’s best vegan eateries to visit after picking up your hire car from the team at East Coast Car Rentals!

1. Mother Chu’s Vegetarian Kitchen

367 Pitt Street, Sydney

As the name suggests, you won’t find any meat in this established Sydney eatery – just Asian-inspired vegetarian and vegan delights. Mother Chu’s has been serving up oodles of noodles and other spice-laden dishes for more than 27 years, making them a trusted go-to if you don’t eat meat or dairy.

Be sure to order the crunchy soya bean roll with shiitake mushrooms and bean sprouts, stir fried in a mouth-watering blend of basil, ginger and chilli – you won’t regret it!

Even if you’re dining with friends who aren’t vegan, they’ll be blown away by the tastes and choice on offer at this renowned veggie establishment.

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Gigi Pizzeria

379 King Street, Newtown, Sydney

If you’re fairly new to the vegan diet, one of the hardest foods to say goodbye to has to be cheese. The grilled, melted and smothered stuff can be found on plenty of menu items, especially in pizza restaurants.

However, Gigi Pizzeria has changed the cheese-free game for good. After Gigi announced that only cheese-free pizzas and plant-based Italian fare would be served, vegan Sydney-siders flocked to this eatery en masse. Each and every night Gigi is packed full of non-vegan and vegan diners, so get in quick!

Getting your hands on a slice of the good stuff couldn’t be easier – it’s a mere 20-minute drive from our Darlinghurst branch!

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Gelato Blue

318 King St, Newtown, Sydney

Conveniently down the road from Gigi Pizzeria is Gelato Blue – Sydney’s dedicated vegan ice-cream parlour. Everything scooped and served at this Newton gelato store is dairy-free and extremely delicious! Unfortunately we can’t help with the difficult decision of choosing which flavour(s) to slurp up. With the likes of caramelised macadamia crunch, chocolate hazelnut praline and caramelised fig and cinnamon, it’s going to be an arduous yet tasty task regardless.

Best part is, your non-vegan friends will be none the wiser and enjoy everything just as much as you!

These three incredible places are just the tip of the iceberg – there are plenty more vegan delights to try in this diverse city. With a full tank of fuel, see what else Sydney has to offer from the comfort of your East Coast Car Rentals hire car!