The waters off Australia’s east coast are a window to the wonders of the aquatic world. Sea turtles swim through the shallows, molluscs camouflage amongst the rocks and even the occasional dolphin may be seen playing in the swell.

This summer, be audience to the theatre of the ocean at these prime snorkeling spots on the east coast.

1. Moreton Island, Queensland

Forty kilometres off the shores of Brisbane, the waters surrounding the world’s third-largest sand island are teeming with marine life. Between 1963 and 1984, the Queensland Government deliberately sank a number of decommissioned ships off the coast of Moreton Island in order to provide protected waters for the anchorage of leisure craft.


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Since then, coral has begun to grow in and around the man-made reef, inviting schools of reef fish and other aquatic life. The wrecks are a lazy swim from the beaches of Moreton Island, or you can join a guided snorkeling tour from the Tangalooma Resort which includes transport by boat and use of all snorkeling equipment.

Moreton Island can be accessed via ferry from the Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal on Holt Street, not 15 minutes drive from our Brisbane airport car hire location.

2. Jervis Bay, New South Wales

For encounters with your favourite marine mammals in clean turquoise waters, you can’t do better than Jervis Bay. The region is home to bottlenose dolphins, seals, humpback and southern right whales. Often they can be spotted from the shore and, on rare occasions, pods will swim into the bay with their young.

Strap on your goggles and fins and wade out across natural rock platforms which drop away at points to offer refuge to coastal fish and shellfish. You can make Jervis Bay an overnight stay on your road trip down the south-east beaches of New South Wales. Drive three hours out of Sydney and pitch a tent at one of the many luxury campsites in the bay. 3. Ninepin Point Marine Nature Reserve, Tasmania The waters of Tasmania house a notably different family of sea-bound critters. At Ninepin Point, tannin-rich freshwater from the Huon river meets the ocean, resulting in lightly tea-coloured waters. The tannins filter out some of the sunlight, and the more southerly ocean waters are naturally cooler. This results in a unique assortment of marine flora – think sponge gardens and kelp forests. The reserve is also host to sea dragons and little blue penguins.

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Pick up your rental car from our Hobart airport car rental location and drive an easy hour south to take part in any of the area’s incredible snorkeling tours.

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