The Sunshine Coast, with its exceptional beaches, crystal lakes, placid rivers and seemingly endless rays of golden light, represents an extraordinary opportunity for a road trip that will live long in the memory. By hiring a vehicle from East Coast Car Rentals, you’ll experience the very best that the Sunshine Coast has to offer. We offer a range of vehicles to tailored to suit every need, from compact cars perfect for couples all the way through to 12-seater minibuses if you want to bring along the extended family or a group of mates. Whilst you’re out cruising the gentle highways of this area of outstanding natural beauty, take some time out to partake in these three attractions.

Ride the waves on Noosa’s beaches 

Noosa’s beaches are renowned for the perfect clarity of their crystal blue waters and the shimmering sands that line the impeccable shores.

Boasting some of the best surfing spots in Australia, surfers of all skill levels will find something for them at Noosa. The Main Beach is best suited to beginners and those wishing to take lessons, as mellow waves lap the shore, rarely getting larger further out. If you’re a little more advanced, you may like to try the Sunshine Beach, where the waves rise to up to three metres, offering more of a challenge. If these swells still don’t cut the mustard and you really want to take on some monsters, head to the Boiling Pot – you’ll come face to face with walls of water attaining heights of up to 15 feet.

Once you’re done, take a break from the surfing and head towards Hastings Road. You’ll find excellent shopping, easy-going restaurants and a host of lively bars.

Ascend Mount Coolum for a picture perfect view

Mount Coolum, an ancient inactive volcano, dominates the Sunshine Coast skyline. It can be climbed relatively quickly, from top to bottom in roughly 90 minutes, though this can vary depending upon your level of fitness, as it’s a steep ascent. The slope starts off moderately gently at the bottom, before transforming into a tough incline with treacherous slipping potential, especially after rain. It’s completely worth the effort, however, as the panoramic views from the top are something else to behold. You’ll note the nearby beach coastline in one direction, and cane fields and wetlands in another. Diverse scenery whichever way you look is one of Mount Coolum’s most enduring features, both on the ascent and at the summit itself.

As an interesting aside, the square kilometre that contains Mount Coolum is one of the most botanically diverse areas in Australia, as over 700 different plant types have been discovered within its perimeter.

Visit a giant fruit

The Big Pineapple is one of the best-known attractions in South East Queensland. It does exactly what it says on the tin – a 16 metre high pineapple that marks the spot of a well-loved Australian institute. Hosting a range of gentle rides from the fun to the educational, the Big Pineapple maintains its iconic status with a renewed vigour.

Take a train tour through the plantation, traversing past over 100 exotic plaints and fruit trees, or even visit the Nocturnal House. You’ll be privy to the after dark behaviour of many of Australia’s native wildlife, such as squirrel gliders, brush tail possums, desert mice and many more. A number of animals in the Nocturnal House are endangered, so a visit here represents a rare chance to see some of these critters up close and personal.

Hospitality is a prominent feature of the Big Pineapple. You’ll find a fully licensed restaurant, offering a unique opportunity to taste pineapple and mango parfait, as well as crafts, clothing and souvenir shops. Grab a keyring or novelty T-shirt to ensure you’ll never forget your time at the Big Pineapple.